Frequently Asked Questions

Read our most commonly asked questions below.

How much space do I need for a bouncy castle?

The dimensions of our castles are shown in our online descriptions, please allow an additional 4 feet at the back for the fan and another 3 feet all the way around for the safety mat and so the castle will not collide with any fences or objects that could damage it. Please make sure that the area you have chosen does not have any tree branches in the way that could damage the bouncer.

What kind of access do you need when you deliver the castle?

The castles are wheeled in to position using a hand truck. The Bouncy castle on the hand truck, rolled up is slightly larger than a 55 gal drum. Therefore in most cases we will need a standard size path and standard size doorways to get the castle in to your garden or venue. If you have a lot of steps or a tight entrance way, please let us know so that we can arrange alternative access if required.

Can the bouncy castles go indoors?

Yes, all our Bouncy castles are suitable for indoor use. Just remember to check the height of the ceiling and the height of the Bouncy Castle. The ceiling must be higher than the height of the castle booked. Heights of all our castles are on listed our website.  If you are considering a banquet hall you must also take into consideration that chandeliers can become obstructions and consider.

Do you charge for cancellation?

In most cases we don't charge a cancellation charge, so long as you give us some notice so that we can rent the castle out to somebody else. If you give us no or very little notice (other than for bad weather) then you may be liable to a charge.

What happens if it rains?

Bouncers should not be used in the rain.  During light rain the bouncer can remain inflated but it should not be used during this time.  If the rain becomes heavy we would ask that you turn off the blower and cover it with something to protect it from water damage. If the weather looks like it will be unsafe prior to delivery, we will call you and discuss whether we should cancel the rental and reschedule your event. If we set up the unit at your request and the weather later turns inclement (rain or higher winds), we will pick up the unit according to schedule. However, in this event, no refund will be given.

When the castle is delivered, do I have to set it up myself or do you do it?

The delivery person will completely set up the castle, give you a demonstration on how to use it safely and then leave it in your control. When we turn up to collect the castle, we will also dismantle it.

When the castle is delivered, do I have to set it up myself or do you do it?

The delivery person will completely set up the castle, give you a demonstration on how to use it safely and then leave it in your control. When we turn up to collect the castle, we will also dismantle it.

Can you put a bouncy castle on a concrete patio or driveway?

We always prefer grass however it is possible to position on to concrete. We use sandbags to hold the inflatable in place instead of pegs when we position on to a hard surface, an additional fee of $25 will be charged for this service.

How many children can fit in a bouncy castle?

Generally speaking, between 6 to 12 children at one time. This really depends on the size of the users and the castle; the delivery team will be able to provide more information on this. It is very important as a safety measure to ensure that it is not overcrowded to minimize injuries.

My garden slopes a bit - will that be OK?

Yes. A moderate slope is not a problem. Typically, we will place the entrance of the unit at the top of any slope. If the slope is more than a little, we may not be able to set up in that location. Your installer may request an alternate location so please have one in mind. Remember, safety is our optimum priority.

Can I keep the bouncy castle overnight?

We generally do not leave the Bouncy Castle with customers overnight; however we can make exceptions depending on the circumstances. The bouncy castle must be set up in a back garden or area that is fenced and not accessible to the general public

Is it cheaper if we pick up the bouncy castle ourselves?

No. In fact, Hopper’s Castle does not allow this. Some of our units can weigh up to 600lbs and proper techniques much be used to move and transport the units, for this reason all of our Bouncy Castles must be set up by one of our trained crew members for the purposes of safety which is our optimum priority.

What type of power is required for an inflatable?

The inflatable should be within 100ft. of a 110v outlet. We will supply the power cord, but we do ask that nothing else be plugged into the outlet being used and that it be a single breaker.


Adult Supervision is REQUIRED at all times Hopper’s Castle does not supply attendants, you or your designated attendant(s) must be present at the time of delivery. Safety briefings are always given after set up at ALL events; we require a signature stating you have received and understand all operating and safety instructions. Accidents on equipment generally result from 1) too many participants or mixing age groups on a unit 2) flips and roughhousing, 3) unit not kept secured. Attendants should monitor number and age of participants and ensure they're following rules and acting responsibility. Inflatable stake/anchor weights should also be checked periodically to ensure they are in place.

Do I need to pay a deposit to secure my rental?

No, we are not taking deposits from our customers at this time for the simple reason that we have a very loyal customer base.  We own the highest quality bouncers in which the industry has to offer and hold confidence in our products and service.  We take pride in knowing that we offer the very best equipment on the market at the most competitive pricing.  For this reason we do not need to hold deposits from anyone. 

Payment Policy?

Cash upon delivery. Drivers are required to collect final payment at time of set up unless you've made arrangements to charge a credit card the previous business day. No equipment will be left until payment is made in full.  Failure to make payment could result in delays and/or event cancellation fees.  Please ensure that the renter or representative of the renter is present to the receive the delivery with payment.